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This month we are pleased to present our featured topic on Collaboration. The purpose of this section of the TakingITGlobal online community is to better equip innovators of all stages with tools, resources, and inspiration toward affecting positive social change. We started our exploration of collaboration with one question: How is collaboration manifesting itself in the world today? The results have been astounding and abundant. We discovered that collaboration is not limited to partnerships and community-building. In fact, it is happening in learning environments, in workplaces, across sectors, and beyond the physical world into the virtual one.

Big Ideas Summary

The Rise of Collaboration

There is a wonderful collection of TED talks on the Rise of Collaboration which can open your eyes to the opportunities that abound right within your own community.

Hour School

In the heart of Austin, Texas, Hour School endeavours to combine the principles of peer learning and social teaching so that individuals can pursue personal missions to create and share new experiences. Co-founders Ruby Ku and Alex Pappas believe that we all possess an abundance of talent, knowledge and wisdom. They also believe that learning doesn’t just happen in classrooms or from textbooks – it is based on shared experience. Check out more of the philosophy behind Hour School in this interview video.

How to Cultivate Healthy Partnerships

Partnerships can be extremely effective ways to undertake joint problem solving, resource exchange, cooperation, coordination and coalition building. The relationship among partners can be temporary or permanent. A partnership brings together organizational capabilities and human resources in the form of skills, experiences and ideas to generate or build on existing strengths. But how do you know if a partnership is the right step for you? What creates balanced partnerships? Learn more by watching the video interview with TakingITGlobal Co-Founder & Executive Director, Jennifer Corriero and Manager, Social Innovation Programming, Kristle Calisto-Tavares. Download the accompanying Framework for Engaging in Healthy Partnerships and our Partnership Agreement template.

Proof: How Shared Spaces Are Changing the World

The Centre for Social innovation in Toronto, Canada catalyzes and supports social innovation both locally and around the world. They create community workspaces, incubate emerging enterprises, and develop new models and methods with world-changing potential. At the heart of this model is an assumption that innovation for public good can only become sustainable if you engage a variety of people and perspectives to form a movement. Learn more about their community and space at

The Emerging Social Impact Market

This though-provoking audio lecture sponsored by the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Andrew Wolk, CEO of Root Cause hones in on the defining factor of progress on social issues of any kind. Wolk asserts that despite trillions of dollars invested in not-for-profit services and government institutions, significant progress has not been made in addressing the world’s greatest challenges. He believes the only solution is a cross-sector approach toward developing a social impact market focused on innovation and collaboration. Check out this podcast.

11 Sites That Want to Rule the Share Economy

The share economy is all about collaboration. Collaborative consumption has re-emerged in today’s society with a slightly 21st century spin. We are seeing a reinvention of old market behaviours such as renting, swapping, sharing and bartering now available through online technology. Forbes Magazine recently identified 11 websites that offer the convenience and access of sharing or renting what they own.

Tools for you to use

A Framework for Engaging in Healthy Partnerships

Partnership Agreement Template

Twitter Accounts to Follow

@HourSchool – We believe in peer-led, mission-driven education. What have you always wanted to learn?

@csiTO – The Centre for Social Innovation is a co-working space, community centre and incubator for people who are changing the world. We are where change happens.

@MaRSDD – MaRS Discovery District is a non-profit innovation centre connecting science, technology and social entrepreneurs with business skills, networks and capital.

@HUBworld – The HUB is a global network of collaborative spaces to realize enterprising ideas for the world

@collcons – Collaborative Consumption is the explosion in traditional sharing, lending, renting and swapping redefined through tech and peer communities

@Shareable – Shareable Magazine is the online magazine about sharing covering car sharing, open source, cities, coworking, gov 2.0, coops, the commons & more.

@Yammer – Enterprise Social Network. Loved by users, built for enterprise. A technology to foster collaboration.


Effective leadership is an important aspect of collaboration. This HP Life course helps you become a better leader by learning how to assess which leadership approaches are appropriate for different situations, and which software to use to collaborate and communicate more productively as a leader.

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