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Marketing for Social Ventures

Much of what we have curated for this Featured Topics section was designed to support you in undertaking that challenging yet necessary behind-the-scenes work of starting your own initiatives. With this topic, we want to help you you to spread the word about the work you are doing through marketing. This featured topic is designed to get you thinking about how to craft the right message in the right way to raise the profile of your venture and build a group of supporters.

Big Ideas Summary

Getting People to Care The “neuroscience of change” is all about getting people to care. Learn the 4 tips on how to influence hearts and minds that author Marcia Stepanek has synthesized from a slew of social innovation conferences.

Standing Out. No one understands marketing better than Seth Godin. It doesn’t matter whether you are marketing soy milk, cities or cows, it is all about standing out. Watch Godin spell out the importance of “un-ordinary” in getting people’s attention.

The Anti-Elevator Pitch. If you have only 2 minutes to convey who you are and what you do, what do you say? Cliff Suttle has upgraded the elevator pitch of days gone by and opted for a new approach. Check out his four tips here.

Ads Worth Spreading. TED, an advocate of Ideas Worth Spreading, has crafted a new component to their work called Ads Worth Spreading. They selected a variety of aspirational ads that have the power to engage viewers, raise awareness and change the world.

The Big Story. Take storytelling to a whole new level as you craft your venture’s brand. Consider these benefits that Thelar Pekar outlines in a recent article on building a narrative organization.

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